Social Media Problem

Perceived Problem: The Internet! Yes, that’s right. Information is power, and for some businesses, a lack of control over this information is seen as a major problem. Today, employees can readily communicate and share ideas with one another and the outside world—and vice versa. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, along with countless blogs, only add to this growing concern.

Keeping employees, customers… and the world… from openly discussing your products, procedures, or services, seems like an insurmountable problem. Still, many corporations try to block employees’ access to the Internet and discourage them from participating in social networks. By using Pink Bat thinking, many other solutions begin to appear.

Pink Bat Solution: If we focus on a solution instead of a problem, we realize that the Internet can truly empower employees. Being connected puts you in a better place to provide solutions. Social networking can enable us to deliver great customer service, and by extension, build employee, customer, and brand loyalty. Transparency creates accountability and builds trust. Solution-based companies are better able to capitalize on employee insights and listen to customers.

Blogs and social media provide an opportunity to identify new ideas for creating products, and improving existing products and services. As social media evolves and the Internet expands, Pink Bat thinkers will continue to prosper.


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