Smelly Problem

Perceived Problem: Simply put, Greeley, Colorado, smells. The odor of manure produced by the hundreds of thousands of cattle raised on the outskirts of town permeates the air.

Can you imagine living with this problem? My first solution would be to move. But that doesn’t solve the problem for others… nor would it address an even bigger problem… greenhouse gas emission. You could stop raising cows. Considering I don’t eat meat, that solution sounds perfect to me, and I’m certain the cows would concur. This would solve many other problems as well. But, no doubt, the farmers would find my solution problematic.

Pink Bat Solution: To entrepreneurs, this stench smells like an opportunity… better yet… a solution. While most people focus on a manure problem, others see a manure solution… a continual supply of renewable energy… natural gas.

One local cattle-feed operator is capitalizing on this perceived problem by fueling a gasifier (a large oven) with cow dung. As the dung bakes, the gases fuel the fire… and the heat powers the feedlot boilers.

This solution not only reduces energy costs, but by converting methane into carbon dioxide, it also addresses environmental concerns. Pink Bats exist everywhere… you just need to see (or smell) them.


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  1. Horace Willis on June 28th, 2013 6:28 am

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