Pollution Problem

Perceived Problem: As I write this sentence, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates the Earth’s population to be 6.792 billion. It’s difficult to imagine the amount of material—plastic, glass, aluminum, cardboard, paper, wood—this many people will use in a lifetime.

Add to that the existing waste already generated by the billions of people that preceded all of us and you start to get an idea of the magnitude of this problem. Many ideas were explored to manage this problem, but none solved it. That’s because the focus was on the problem… not the solution. As a result, toxic landfills expanded. At some point it became clear… the landfill solution was a growing problem that was adversely affecting our planet in countless ways.

Pink Bat Solution: Recycle. By processing and repurposing used materials to create new products, recycling cuts down on toxic landfills and reduces the consumption of raw materials. In addition, it reduces energy usage, decreases air and water pollution, and lowers greenhouse gases as compared to virgin production. Recycling also creates new jobs and opportunities for many people. Since this solution is more sustainable, it holds great promise for future generations as well.

Today, recycling plays an important role in waste management… to think it was once an unseen Pink Bat.


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