Dusty Problem

Perceived Problem: In San Marcos, Texas, drivers have a problem keeping their car windows clean due to the unique dirt roads that locals call “caliche.” The blend of limestone dust, gravel and clay creates a fine white dust that billows up and coats the rear windows of residents’ automobiles.

For those focused solely on the problem, the solutions seem obvious… build more car washes, resurface the roads, or tell residents to avoid driving down them. But when you see things for what they are, and not what they’re “supposed” to be, and then use your imagination (apply Pink Bat thinking)… “problems” look very different. That’s exactly how Scott Wade
approaches the situation.

Pink Bat Solution: As an artist, Scott views the dust not so much as a problem, but as a unique canvas solution for his artwork. Now instead of complaining about the dust, the town residents are clamoring for the opportunity to have Scott create some original art on their rear window.

On a somewhat related note, a friend of mine who owns a regional bank, has built several new branches. He’s concerned because customers aren’t using the drive-up windows as planned. I suggested he install a car wash so customers can get their car cleaned while making a transaction. My friend hasn’t taken my advice… but it did get him thinking differently.


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