Health/Energy Problem

December 27, 2009

Perceived Problem: Americans are obese. Not all, but many. This includes children, too. Along with obesity comes serious medical conditions including heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. With diets low in fruits and vegetables, and high in processed foods, meat, salt, sugar and white flour, it is easy to trace the problem’s source. Add in the fact that many Americans lead a sedentary lifestyle and the problem becomes even more obvious.

Americans have another problem, too… the country’s energy grid is outdated. Many people advocate natural gas, while others believe nuclear is the best solution. Some claim wind and solar are superior solutions because they’re the most sustainable. As another alternative, consider this Pink Bat idea.

Pink Bat Solution: Turn obesity into energy. Rather than having kids sit at desks all day, let them learn on elliptical machines or stationery bicycles that are hooked up to a generator. Not only will this improve school spirit while saving the district money, but most importantly, it will create healthier and happier kids. By extension, students will learn about energy, the environment, finances, calories, food and health.

As added incentive, kids generating the most energy each month could be recognized for their contribution. Armed with knowledge and success, children would then educate their parents about diet and lifestyle. While these ideas may seem a bit far-fetched, they exemplify how Pink Bat thinking can be applied to unrelated “problems” to create new solutions.