Pink Bat thinking is based on Michael McMillan’s book, “Pink Bat: Turning Problems Into Solutions.” Through a childhood experience, Michael realized most problems really aren’t problems at all! Many are mislabeled solutions—and at the very least—opportunities.

A “Pink Bat” is an unseen solution mislabeled as a problem. When we remove our blinders and view the world through pink-colored lenses, it appears different. Your focus shifts from a world of problems to one filled with endless opportunities and solutions.

History is full of Pink Bat solutions and success stories. No doubt, the future will be, too. The real question is about the present. How many Pink Bats exist today? How many unseen, mislabeled Pink Bats exist in your life? Remember, every “problem” has Pink Bat potential, presenting an opportunity for positive change.

Take a moment and read some of the examples on this site… you will discover how many successful people and organizations have changed the world by embracing Pink Bat thinking.

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