Waiting Problem

Perceived Problem: The amenities were great, but the elevators in my client’s new office building were extremely slow. This became a major problem. Every day, frustrated and often angry crowds stood in the lobby, complaining as they waited for an elevator cab to arrive. The building’s developer and management team hired consultants to assess the problem and even solicited tenants for ideas. Here were some of the suggestions:

Add a couple more banks of elevators.
Make the doors open and close faster.
Stagger business starting and ending times.
Have visitors come during off-hours.

Everyone was so focused on the problem, no one was able to see it as a solution… well, almost no one.

Pink Bat Solution: One morning I arrived to find a crowd (larger than usual), standing in the lobby. But instead of an angry mob, everyone was happily gazing up at the new video monitors that had been installed over the weekend. They were getting stock market information, checking the weather, and reading employee-related news. Amazingly, some people didn’t
even board an elevator when it became available.

With Pink Bat thinking, the perceived problem became a solution. People were no longer waiting for elevators. Disney discovered this solution long ago. Waiting can be a big problem… or a great way to entertain and inform guests.


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