Sticky Problem

Perceived Problem: In 1942 when researchers were searching for a way to make clear plastic gun sights, they formulated a substance called cyanoacrylates. It didn’t work. In fact, it was a problem… it stuck to
everything… so they rejected it.

In 1951, the formula was rediscovered by a new team of researchers, but this time, rather than reject it, one of the scientists was intrigued with its bonding properties. By viewing it through pink-colored lenses, he saw it for what it really was… and by using his imagination… he began to see it for what it could be.

Pink Bat Solution: Cyanoacrylates made an amazing super glue… it bonded almost anything you could imagine! Paradoxically, when it was discovered that the formula also bonded human skin, its strength became a perceived weakness. To many, the potential dangers of this problem outweighed the benefits.

That is, until the U.S. military heard about it. Doctors in Vietnam were looking for a quicker way to suture wounded soldiers. This “problem” became
a solution that saved many people’s lives. This Pink Bat is still being used today in medical applications around the world.


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